230kV Newport Transmission Lines

Conceptual engineering for the design of a two new transmission lines connecting the 230kV Mead Substation to a new 230kV Substation (Newport) serving new pumping station of the Southern Nevada Water Authority

Mead Substation Short Circuit Mitigation Study

Design a shunt reactor solution to decrease the short circuit duty of the electrical equipment at the Mead Subsation. Due to the large addition of new generation in the area the fault duty at Mead Substation exceeded the equipment rating. PTEI prepared system study and engineered the reconfiguration of the Mead substation with a split bus modification using a reactor to decrease the fault duty

Induced Voltage Analysis on Underground Water Pipelines

Perfomed EMTP analysis to determine the magnitude of induced voltage on pipe rebars of adjacent underground water lines to 69kV and 230kV transmission lines.

Insulation Coordination Analysis 

Performed EMTP analysis to determine the appropriate insulation coordiantion requirement for the installation of new 69kV and 230kV systems

Harmonic System Analysis

Analyze the effect of harmonics generated by steel furnace inverters on neighboring 230kV system. Performed harnonic analysis on neighboring pumping station motors.