Construction Management is another of our core service and we have extensive experience in this very important area. As a Construction Manager our goal is to develop and implement a management plan to complete a project, in accordance with the client's preferences, that allows the design and construction processes to be carried out efficiently and effectively within budgetary and schedule constraints.Our staff has extensive construction management experience in virtually every type of electric or water utility facilities including power plants, transmission/distribution systems, substations, pumping stations,  water transmission, storage and distribution systems, among others. Excellent construction management is the cornerstone of our company and the services we provide include:

  • Owner's Representation
  • Resident Engineering
  • Construction/Contract Administration
  • Cost/Schedule Controls
  • Contract Change/Claim Management
  • QA/QC
  • Start-up and Commissioning

Power-Tech Engineers has provided our clients with insight into the assessment, mediation and resolution of construction claims. We will provide the client with an assessment of the outstanding issues highlighting the liability of the design professionals, contractors, subcontractors and client. Our knowledgeable personnel utilize their understanding of the design process, contract language, scheduling, construction techniques, cost and construction policies to provide the client with the critical information they need to manage construction claims. They can also assist in developing a strategy to resolve claims, disputes, and change orders with the following services:

  • Initial Claim Evaluation
  • As-built Schedule Development
  • Planned Versus Actual Performance Comparison
  • Time Impact Analysis
  • Cost Impact Analysis
  • Claim Strategy
  • Document Discovery
  • Written Claim Analysis
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Construction Claims Resolution

We have also performed constructability reviews in order to analyze and assess the feasibility of construction. In performing these reviews for each contract, PTEI ensures the integrity of the contract documents with thorough review and analysis, helping the client ultimately achieve positive project outcomes. We can review drawings and specifications to make sure they are both in agreement.


During the constructability review we address the following:

  • Consistency, Clarity and Completeness of the Bid Documents and Specifications
  • The Applicability, Enforceability and Comprehensiveness of the General Conditions
  • The applicability of Construction Technology, Methodology and/or Materials
  • The consistency between Site Conditions and Plans
  • The Identification of Project specific Issues and their Sequences