Owner’s Engineer for Wadsworth Control and Protection System Upgrade

Power-Tech Engineers is providing technical support and assistance for theproject that includes the upgrade of the control, excitation, and electrical protection systems at the Diamond Valley Lake (DVL) Wadsworth Pump Station Facility. As Owner's Engineer, Power-Tech Engineers assist the Metropolitan with specialized technical expertise in review of all Prime Consultant submittals throughout the project, including preliminary design, final design, and construction and commissioning.

Prototype Project for Wadsworth Control and Protection System Upgrade

Power-Tech Engineers developed and executed a prototype test procedure for control of a full-scale pump/generator unit at the Hiram Wadsworth Pumping Plant. The prototype will provide early validation of technically complex control logic (programmable logic controller) and control migration procedures. The prototype testing assessed various control hardware, software, and control system transition processes developed during preliminary design.

Hydroelectric Plant Field Verification & Wire Tracing Testing Services

As part of Reliability Improvement Program, the Metropolitan’s wishes to evaluate the conditions of previously failed equipment and bring their Hydroelectric facilities into compliance with existing regulations. As part of the Metropolitan’s efforts, Power-Tech Engineers was contracted to provide full field verification of the existing as is conditions of the electrical wiring,along with verification of existing installed conductors and devices; tracewiring and tone injection; providing a complete set of red marked updrawings indicating as-built field conditions. The Hydroelectric Plant Facilitiescovered in the scope are the following:

  • Foothill Hydroelectric Plant
  • Sepulveda Canyon Hydroelectric Plant
  • Venice Hydroelectric Plant
  • San Dimas Hydroelectric Plant

Cross Connection Project -Air Release & Vacuum Valve Relocation for treated Water Pipeline

Power-Tech Engineers was assigned as a Prime Contractor for the Construction Management and Inspection Services of the relocation of vacuum release and check valves for about 90 different sites throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County. The work consisted in relocating and replacing new valves from existing vaults to above ground locations to avoid potential contamination of treated water in trunk lines with non-treated water such as sewage, storm water, etc. The project required the installation of new carbon steel, water piping with mortar lining and coating at different sites. MWD identified 1500 potential sites with this problem and prioritize 350 sites for immediate construction or relocation of the vacuum protection system. Responsibility included complete construction management of all construction work and inspection services, such as verifying all the work,materials, and articles furnished by 3 different construction contractors. Power-Tech provided a resident engineer, field inspection services, fabrication inspection services, as well as subcontracting material testing and survey inspection services. Deliverables also included administrative support and document control, including, schedule analysis, change and claim estimates.