Grounding and Lighting of the Oil Storage Tank Farm

EPC contractor for the retrofit of the grounding and lighting system of a section of the Oil Storage Tank Farm in the Esmeraldas oil refinery. Tank farm basin soil had been protected from oil spills by installing two levels of polyethylene geo membrane. Grounding for equipment and human protection from step voltage, and non-uniform rise was redesigned and rebuilt to operate at safe levels. Lighting of the oil storage tank farm was retrofitted with LED lamps, plus using solar panels for autonomous lighting of the surrounding streets.

Lighting Retrofit of the Process Areas

EPC contractor for the retrofit of the interior and exterior lighting system of oil refining process areas with LED lights.

Flare Gas Recovery System

Conducted feasibility studies for the recovery of the flare gases to produce either electrical cogeneration or LNG. Study included the simulation of the recovery system, the gas turbine generators for electricity production and the residual processed gas recovery to LNG for market consumption. Conceptual engineering of the plant, including economic analysis. Installation of a flare gas metering system as well as analysis of sample gases for composition.



Reactive Power Analysis

Performed plant auxiliary electrical system voltage regulation analysis due to faults or disturbances in the electrical utility system.  Prepare plant electrical system model for transient stability analysis due to utility system faults. Provided recommendation to protect the equipment during the voltage swings produced during fault events.



Cadastral Geographic Information System

Designed a land based geographical information system for cadastral purposes, including an application for terrestrial photographs and aerial photos. MGE and Oracle based system.