Power-Tech Engineers can serve as Owner’s Engineer, representing the Client on procurement bidding processes (equipment and

construction), inter utility affairs, electrical regulatory matters, overseeing contractors services such as equipment vendors and specialized professional services, station repowering project planning, City Council Board or Board of Commissioners briefing, and any other organizations and agencies on behalf of the Client, etc.

Power-Tech Engineers understands that the role of the Owner's Engineer/ Representative is to act as an extension of the owner's staff in managing all aspects of a project. Working in a close partnership allows us to help you achieve your company’s goals and ensure total satisfaction. In the role of Owner’s Engineer /Representative PTEI is able to:

  • Provide Project Development Support
  • Assist in the Development of Project Scope and Key Performance Indicators
  • Assist in the Development of Project Structure
  • Assist in the Acquisition of Appropriate Technology and Technical Expertise
  • Assist Owners to Procure the Services of Turnkey, EPC or Study Contractors
  • Provide Project Management Support
  • Monitor the Quality of Project Engineering and follow through Corrective Action where necessary
  • Subsequently Assist in the Construction Management of the Project
  • Monitor the Project Cost and Schedule and follow through Corrective action where Necessary
  • Assist in the Start-up and Commissioning of the Project
  • Prepare Operating and Maintenance Procedures
  • Carry out Operational Scenario and Risk Assessment
  • Carry out the Training of Client Personnel