Open Contract Consulting Services - Professional Consultant Panel

The  Energy  Delivery  Division  in  the  Riverside  Public  Utilities  (RPU)  Department  uses Professional  Consultant  Panels  ("Panels") for  many  of  their  important  professional  services.Power- Tech Engineers has been a qualified panel member since 2011, providing consulting andengineering  support  services  related  to  street  lighting  generations,  substations,  communications,SCADA, transmission and distribution systems and their respective operations.

Electronic Security Upgrade & Access Control Project

Power-Tech Engineers responsibility  included  the preparation  of  daily  construction activity reports  ;  verification  of  installation  and  maintenance  of  BMP construction  site  ;  issuance  of  non-compliance warnings for BMP and City Regulation violations ;verification of compliance to Design plansand specifications ; coordination with the Contractors and the City to ensure smooth construction andinstallation activities that included conduit trenching, wiring and material installation,construction and installation  of  the electronic  security  and access  controlsystems,  and  testing  and  commissioning  activities  at  the  following  site locations:

  • Riverside Substation
  • Harvey Lynn Substation
  • Plaza Substation
  • Freeman University
  • Orange Crest Substation
  • Springs Clear Water Generation Plant

Security Barrier and Property Improvement Construction Project

Power-Tech Engineers provided construction inspection services, overseeing the construction activities for conduit trenching and installation; wiring and material installation and connection; construction and installation of electronic security and access control systems; along with testing and commissioning activities at the following site locations:

  • Mt. View
  • Casa Blanca
  • La Colina
  • Hunter Substation

Electronic Security and Access Control System Improvements at Utility Operation Center (UOC)

Power-Tech Engineers was contracted to provide a certified Qualified Electrical Worker (QEW) to perform inspection services to oversee the installation of electronic motion detectors, video cameras, lighting, monitoring, PA, fire alarm, and physical security information management systems; inspection and verification of equipment installation to ensure compliance with all RPU contract documents and in accordance with NFPA 70 and NEC codes.



Construction Management Services

Construction Management support for the installation of a 69kV/13.8kV Sunrise substation and subtransmission and distribution (OH and UG) lines.