OATT Engineering Services

Perform system planning studies, with the overall objective to determine the transmission facility upgrades and additions needed in IID facilities and external system to accommodate the proposed projects under IID's OATT.  Such identified facilities will include (1) Direct Assignment upgrades; (2) reliability upgrades; and (3) delivery upgrades that would be required to deliver power from the projects to a designated delivery point while maintaining reliability of the transmission network, based on NERC/WECC reliability criteria (including Voltage Stability Criteria), IID's reliability and NERC's planning standards for various reasonably-expected operating scenarios:

California & Ethanol Power-System Impact Study

Edison Mission Energy PV-44 Project- System Impact Study

Colgreen Energy Feasibility Study

Transitional Cluster System Impact Study Support

Path 42 Transfer Capability Evaluation Study

Cluster System Impact Study (Group A, B & C Generation Projects)

Green Hunter Mesquite Lake Feasibility Study

Centinela Solar Energy Facility-Affected System Impact Study

OATT Facility Studies

Provide design review, perform necessary technical studies, and provide reports and recommendations for the design and construction by assisting the System Planning and Engineering sections exclusively to OATT Facility Studies for the Imperial Irrigation District, Energy Department.

Niland Switchyard & Substation Project

PTEI Engineers were subcontracted to provide commissioning services, including test engineers, test procedures, and test reports for the complete electrical acceptance test of the Niland Switchyard. The proposed tests were in accordance with NETA standards. PTEI provided a complete set of test procedures and test results.