Power-Tech Engineers is seeking qualified electrical engineers in Power Systems for field construction supervision and commissioning of control and protection improvements in medium and high voltage substations. Responsible for the test and start-up of electrical systems at substations from 4.8kV to 34.5kV. Oversee the retrofit of substations with solid state relays. Coordinate and supervise progressive cutover construction work, by construction forces, consisting of the removal of old electrical wiring/equipment and the installation of new wiring/equipment in operating substations.


Power-Tech Engineers, Inc., is seeking qualified Protection Relay Technicians with experience in electrical substations and/or generating stations for the commissioning of control and protection retrofit projects. Responsible for testing microprocessor based relays (i. e., SEL, Siemens, GE, etc.), CTs, PTs and high voltage circuit breaker control schemes.  Substations range in voltage from 4.8kV to 500kV.